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Projects in Action: Tilt-Wall Construction

The Tilt-Wall Construction Process
Tilt-Wall Construction is a preferred method for retail, office, warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facilities. RBR's experience with Tilt-Wall construction makes it a national leader in the industry. Tilt-wall construction provides the added benefit of reducing costs because most projects take less time to complete. Tilt-wall concrete panels are poured right at the job site, measuring each panel precisely, including the window and door openings in the forms. The complete cured concrete panels are then tilted into place in anchors on the foundation using a portable crane. To watch this process unfold use the buttons on the slide show below to see an RBR Construction Tilt-Wall Project in action!

Weatherford Commons Shopping Center, Weatherford, Texas
Tilt-Wall Construction with Simulated Stone and EFis Veneer




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