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RBR Construction Inc., began construction in the summer of 2008, to restore the Harrison County Courthouse, originally built in 1901. The newly renovated, fully functional structure will soon be ready for the citizens of Marshall, Texas and Harrison County to use.

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The RBR Team worked in conjunction with the County Judge, Judge Richard Anderson to make the 4 story structure, complete with basement, a historically preserved and yet a fully functional court building. In addition to the details to ensure authenticity, such as color and architectural finishes, the building has now become handicapped assessable with a new elevator. Hand rails that are higher than the original railings were also installed for safety, but the original lower rails were preserved. RBR Project Manager and Superintendent have experience on previous courthouse renovations and were part of the studies conducted to ensure that the color scheme, flooring, and numerous other details were authentic. The funds to restore the courthouse have come from donations from the citizens of Harrsion County, local businesses, and the THC (Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program).

The City of Marshall expects the newly restored courthouse will also revive the central business district of the town. A recent article in the Texas Historical Commission Publication, entitled, "THC's Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program Sparks Revitalization", affirms Marshall's expectations. Janet Cook, former assistant city manager in Marshall, has stated that the restoration project has instilled confidence in developers. Proof of such a revitalization can be found directly across the street from the courthouse. The once abandoned Hotel Marshall was purchased and renovated, thus adding to the charm of Marshall's central business district.

Marshall expects tourism to increase as more Texans come to visit the new centerpiece of Marshall - the restored Courthouse. This project is due for completion in May of 2009.


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